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Discover the Benefits of Cordyceps Medicinal Healing Mushroom

When you hear about medicinal mushrooms, you may be thinking of those crazy magic mushrooms that make you see a talking cat. But what you might not realize is that many other medicinal mushrooms don’t have this effect at all, and they can actually be potent herbal medicine. Medicinal mushrooms have been used around the world and are now even commonplace in modern medicine as well.

Cordyceps are a mushroom species that have a wide range of health benefits for the body and mind. Olympic athletes have even used this naturally energy-boosting mushroom, and it is a cornerstone of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Read below to answer the question, “what are cordyceps,” and how you can begin using this wonderfully healing mushroom today.

What are Cordyceps?

Cordyceps, also known as Dong Chong Xia Cai, ถั่งเช่า, or summer-grass winter-worm,is a type of medicinal fungi that is famous for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, anti-tumor, and adaptogenic or energy-boosting benefits. This mushroom has historically been used for over 2,000 years in Tibet and China in traditional medicine practices.

This unique mushroom grows like a parasite out of an insect host. The host type provides unique qualities to the fungus species and increases its many beneficial effects. But the parasitic actions of cordyceps only work on insects, so you don’t need to worry about this mushroom infecting you or turning you into a zombie after consumption!

Which is Better? Cordyceps sinensis versus Cordyceps militaris

Although there are over 400 different cordyceps species, the two most commonly used species in the marketplace are Cordyceps sinensis and Cordyceps militarisC. sinensis is the most prized species of cordyceps because it contains a greater amount of cordycepin and adenosine compounds. These two compounds underly the benefits of this mushroom, and they are even more potent when grown in the wild.

Both species of this fungus have remarkable medicinal properties, but C. sinensis has a higher potency that cannot be denied. That is why at CORDYTHAI, we exclusively use C. sinensis in our supplements. We have carefully created a homegrown method for sustainably cultivating C. sinensis, with our species having a 99% match to the DNA of wild C. sinensis.

Cordyceps: The Health-Boosting Mushroom of Choice for Olympic Athletes

In the 1993 Olympic games, China’s track and field team broke three world records, blowing the world away with their extraordinary physical abilities. Many people suspected the team of using drugs or doping to achieve this outcome, but the team’s coach revealed that it was cordyceps that gave them their exceptional edge.

This controversy led to people worldwide asking, “What are cordyceps?”So, scientists also began investigating its many effects. Research shows that cordyceps can improve physical performance, support the kidneys, reduce asthma, lower inflammation, increase libido, improve lung function, enhance the immune system, and support overall wellness.

Start Using Cordyceps Today!

Hopefully, you can now answer the question of what are cordyceps for yourself and are ready to give these wonderful medicinal mushrooms a try! Make sure to check out our high purity cordyceps extract capsules to get started. We ensure the highest standard of quality in our cordyceps supplements, which gives you the most benefits over time. So, check out our selection of cordyceps and start improving your health today!

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