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Cordyceps Benefits – What Does Science Say?

Cordyceps is an edible mushroom from a genus of fungi that is known for its varying pharmacological benefits. Did you know there are approximately 400 species of Cordyceps, and it was first used in Traditional Chinese Medicine but has now gained popularity globally, and rightfully so, since Cordyceps has been proven tremendously beneficial to our health? In this post, we will share with you a few Cordyceps medicinal benefits evidenced by scientific research. Let’s get started!

Cordyceps May Fight Fatigue

Physical fatigue is usually resultant of elevated stress levels caused by many factors in our lives. Fatigue hinders productivity and can become a significant burden to our mental and physical health and wellness. It is essential that we find healthy and sustainable means of combating it. Researches conducted on mice have shown evidence of fatigue reduction stemming from the use of Cordyceps fungus. In one of these studies, they aimed to investigate the anti-fatigue effect of the fungus in mice. During the trial, researchers administered Cordyceps extract, which contained cordycepin level of 0.4%, to the mice for two weeks. At the end of that period, they observed a significantly delayed fatigue phenomenon. They evaluated the study subjects using running and swimming tests.

Upon conclusion of the study, the researchers determined that the Cordyceps fungus induces fatigue prevention and recovery by increasing ATP, activating specific enzymes and pathways, and regulating serum hormone levels. Sounds pretty complicated, right? So let’s break it down a bit. ATP is an energy-carrying molecule found in all living things, and it is the primary energy source for every cell within our bodies. When we need to perform a task, for example, wash a plate, our muscle cells need to use energy, ATP divides into parts and releases the energy each cell requires to work. Consequently, Cordyceps benefits us by increasing ATP production to allay fatigue.

Cordyceps Help Balance Sugar Level In The Blood

Diabetes is a prominent condition affecting billions of people across the world. According to the CDC, within the United States alone, 34.2 million persons have diabetes. An increased blood sugar level can lead to many complications, such as kidney disease and blindness. As a result, blood sugar control has become a growing concern and necessity for most countries, and it so happens that one of the Cordyceps medicinal benefits is to aid with blood sugar regulation. Cordyceps comprises a particular sugar that may help treat diabetes, as it balances blood sugar levels by acting similarly to insulin.

A particular study undertaken in diabetic mice evidenced that the Cordyceps fungus does have anti-hyperglycemic properties. During the course of this four weeks study, the mice were given an oral administration of Cordyceps extract, which contained cordycepin level of 0.4%, at doses ranging from 0.5, 1.0, to 2.0 g/kg. Researchers also monitored the fasting blood glucose and body weight for each subject. The results of this study prove that Cordyceps is indeed instrumental in blood sugar regulation. They observed that after receiving the fungus-based solution for four weeks, the mice displayed a reduction in blood glucose, food and water intake, and urine output (diabetic patients experience frequent urination and extreme hunger). The researchers surmised that this drastic effect is due to Cordyceps’ ability to stimulate glucose metabolism and suppress cholesterol blood levels.

Cordyceps Help Boost The Immune System

We cannot emphasize the importance of our immune system enough, especially since we are in a pandemic. This body system protects us from infections and other illnesses by using various layers of defenses. We must support our immune system so as to ensure optimal health for ourselves and those around us since we can infect them if we become ill. Boosting the immune system is another Cordyceps medicinal benefit. In a scientific review of a series of studies done on Cordyceps benefit, researchers alluded that this super fungus has a long history of being used in the treatment of respiratory infections and cancer. They stated that Cordyceps is able to activate the immune system and influence the actions involved in innate immunity (this is non-specific immunity; hence it attacks anything that appears foreign to the body).

In one of the studies they reviewed, an oral administration of Cordyceps extracts aided the destruction of lymphoma cells in mice. The extract-treated mice spleens showed decreased bacterial burden as well. In a 2020 Taylor & Francis Public Health Emergency Collection, there is a scientific publication outlining that Cordycepin, a bioactive metabolite of Cordyceps, has therapeutic potential against COVID-19. The study’s results revealed that Cordycepin could inhibit the virus’ entry and replication into the body. Cordycepin displays its potent antiviral properties as it acts in a similar manner to nucleoside analog to prevent DNA synthesis in the virus, and as such, scientists are recommending the clinical trial of Cordycepin for the treatment of COVID-19.

There are so many more scientifically proven Cordyceps benefits, as this superfood impacts basically all body systems. Clinical studies on cells and animals have shown that the Cordyceps fungus can potentially increase immunity, cell oxygenation, regulate blood sugar levels, protect kidneys, among other functions. Additionally, its centuries of use has also derived more than adequate proof of its medicinal capabilities. More studies on humans are being awaited to validate the efficacy seen in these lab studies. However, there is no denying the potency of this superfood. If you would like to give our Cordythai cordyceps extract a try or have further questions, feel free to visit our website; we are always happy to assist.

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