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Cordythai Cordyceps Extraction

There are several factors and methods to consider when extracting Cordyceps. Some extraction modalities are safer or more efficient than others, and there are factors, such as extraction ratio, that affect the quality of the end product, Cordycepin. Cordycepin is a nucleoside analog and is the primary bioactive ingredient of Cordyceps. When properly extracted, there are many Cordycepin benefits to derive. It is known to have numerous pharmacologic effects. You may see Cordyceps extract at varying costs across the market, and this is because the price of the product is dependent on the process used for extraction and the ratio and amount of extract added to each capsule. In this post, we will explore the techniques and extraction ratios commonly used. Let’s get into it!

Cordyceps Extraction Processes

Extraction is the first phase of withdrawing natural products from raw materials. History shows that the first extraction of Cordycepin triphosphate took place in 1960 from a liquid culture of Cordyceps. Since then, numerous other extraction methods have been adopted to extract Cordycepin from Cordyceps sinensis’ fermentative fluid and fruiting bodies. These include:

● Alcoholic extraction

● Ethyl acetate extraction

● Supercritical CO2 extraction

● Ultrasound-assisted extraction (UAE)

● Reflux Extraction

● Water extraction

Alcoholic Extraction/ Tinctures

Methanol and ethanol are the most commonly used solvents (a substance that is able to dissolve other substances) for extracting bioactive products (things that can affect living tissue). Aqueous methanol and ethanol are also suitable for Cordyceps extraction. When either of these solvents is used, the alcoholic Cordycepin extracts are high in potent bio-actives like nucleosides, polysaccharides, and proteins. Alcohol pulls out a vast amount of components from plant material. One study shows that ethanolic extraction of Cordycepin triphosphate produces particularly active anti-oxidants, offers renoprotection, and helps maintain cell function.

Ethanol percolation involves soaking the mushroom with 55% alcohol for 24 hours then percolating it using 12 times the amount of 55% alcohol. During alcoholic extraction, high temperatures are used to productively increase solubility, while extremely high temperatures result in solvents getting lost. This phenomenon will cause the extraction of unwanted impurities and the disintegration of heat-sensitive components (substances easily destroyed or deactivated by heat).

Ethyl Acetate Extraction

The composites involved in Cordyceps extraction using ethyl acetate tend to differ from those constituting alcoholic and water extracts. This extraction method produces small amounts of carbohydrates, Cordycepin triphosphate, adenosine, and ergosterol. Ethyl acetate extraction typically results in a low yield. So for better results, researchers recommend extracting multiple times. Some sources suggest that ethyl acetate is unsafe for humans and may result in irreparable organ damage.

Supercritical CO2 Extraction

Developers frequently use the supercritical CO2 extraction method for separating different components when making Cordyceps extracts and many other plants. This technique is known for producing safe Cordycepin triphosphate that is clean and pure. As an alternate option, its popularity has grown over the past few years because it uses technology primarily and does not include using organic solvents that are toxic for Cordyceps extracts. This makes it safe to use in many foods and chemicals. The supercritical CO2 extraction method is one of the better techniques for extracting bioactive compounds in their purest form, mainly because the process is carried out under milder conditions.

Ultrasound-Assisted Extraction (UAE)

Ultrasound-assisted extraction is also known as sonication. It involves extracting bioactive components using ultrasound wave energy. The efficiency of the extraction is enhanced when ultrasound-assisted extraction speeds up heat transfer and diffusion in the solvent, producing cavitation. Low energy and solvent consumption are additional benefits of ultrasound-assisted extraction, as well as a shorter period for extraction and a lower temperature is required for Cordyceps extract.

Reflux Extraction

Reflux extraction, according to Science Direct, is a solid-liquid extraction process. It is carried out at a constant temperature with repeatable solvent evaporation and condensation for a particular period without losing the solvent. Reflux extraction uses less time and solvent and is more efficient than some of the other extraction methods used for extracting Cordycepin. However, it cannot be used to extract natural products that are heat sensitive.

Water Extraction

Experts theorize that Cordycepin benefits are more potent when water extraction is used because this technique facilitates better control during extraction. Water is the ideal solvent for Cordyceps extract since Cordycepin contains nucleosides and polysaccharides compounds that have some similar chemical characteristics to water. As such, the ratio of water to the material must be carefully calculated to obtain the maximum polysaccharide fraction for Cordycepin benefits. A study reported that in order to achieve the best extraction results, the water: Cordyceps powder = 2.5:1 and extraction time 24 hours. A hot water extraction yield may vary in numerous ranges and possesses several health benefits like antioxidant activities. Water extraction is somewhat similar to steeping tea, but it’s not just a simple infusion; the extraction process often lasts for hours, then the yield is dried to make a powder.

At Cordythai USA, we utilize state-of-the-art water extraction techniques, and as such, we are able to yield excellent results because, as mentioned above, using water extraction provides more control during the cultivation and extraction phases. Since we use such advanced technology, that effect is further amplified, and its potency is reflected in the high-quality product we derive from the process. Additionally, our Cordyceps extract retains its medicinal properties since we do not use substances that could potentially destroy or damage the Cordycepin.

What Is Extract Ratio?

The strength of a herbal extract is typically noted as a ratio of dry plant material to final extract quantity. Understanding this extract ratio is another way to determine whether the product you are looking at is worth the cost because the more Cordyceps in a product, the more it is worth. The extract ratio is usually the amount of herb that the extract represents or how much herb the extract is made from. For example, if a ratio is 4:1, it takes 4mg of the raw ingredient (Cordyceps) to make 1mg of the extract powder (Cordyceps extract) through the water extraction process. Cordythai USA uses a 10:1 ratio for our Cordyceps extractAgain, this would mean that we use 10mg of raw Cordyceps to make 1mg of Cordyceps extract in the capsule, making our capsules quite potent.

When shopping around for Cordyceps extract, you will notice that some cost way more than others, but now you know why the prices vary. So it’s up to you to do your research. For each brand, first, compare the extraction methods used, as some methods yield a lower quality extract than others. From our research, we realized that water extraction is the safest method, and it produces high-quality extract. These are the primary reasons we use water extraction; we want our customers to derive all the Cordycepin benefits possible.

Secondly, compare the extraction ratios. This part can sometimes be tricky because companies may inflate their numbers and claim to have, for example, they may say they have a 20:1 ratio. So pay attention to the ingredients, as it can help you determine exactly how much Cordyceps you are actually getting. Our capsules contain 350 mg of Cordyceps extract powder, and according to the 10:1 ratio, it would have 3500mg of raw Cordyceps. If a company uses 1000mg of raw Cordyceps, they can offer their product at a low cost; however, it will not be as beneficial to you. With our Cordyceps extract, you get what you pay for.

In addition, Cordythai cordyceps extract is laboratory verified Cordycepin amount in Cordyceps extract using advanced scientific equipment HPLC.

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