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Research have shown beneficial of cordycepin, adenosine and polysaccharide molecules as valuable bioactive compounds in Cordyceps.

Strain of CORDYTHAI Cordyceps was confirmed to be 99% matched to wild Cordyceps sinensis strain in the nature by Macrogen Korea.

Yes and No. The effectiveness of Cordyceps can only be measured by the amount of active constituents such as cordycepin and adenosine. Unfortunately you can’t tell by just looking at it. The only way to know for sure is to use laboratory equipment called High Precision Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) to measure the quantity.

Cordyceps powder refers to a ground dried caterpillar (wild) or a ground dried mycelium (domestically grown). Cordyceps extract means using extraction techniques, i.e. boiling in hot water, to strip out active constituents from Cordyceps powder and then removing all water, leaving a very concentrated dried active compound. That goes without saying, the Cordyceps extract should be more potent. But again, to know how “potent”, the amount of cordycepin and adenosine have to be measured using HPLC.

There’s a lot of science behind it. CORDYTHAI Cordyceps is cultivated and extracted using an innovative patented technology between CordyBiotech Co., Ltd. and Kasetsart University, Bangkok Thailand, a well-respected university in Agricultural, Science and Argo-industry fields in Thailand. Quality Is Everything. Each batch of CORDYTHAI supplement is tested and verified to have high yield cordycepin and adenosine before shipping. Because CORDYTHAI Cordyceps is cultivated in a controlled setting, we can guarantee that the food substrate is free of arsenic and other heavy metals that could be found in wild Cordyceps harvested in nature.

Our QC team performed a shelf life study on a 2 year-old lot and found as much as 90% retention of cordycepin and adenosine in the sample.

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