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Cordyceps Benefits – What Does Science Say? – continue

Cordyceps Increase Oxygen Uptake In Red Blood Cell

We all need oxygen to live, literally. If our cells do not get enough energy, they become severely damaged, and in many instances, they die. Our bodies depend on red blood cells to ensure proper cell oxygenation. The Cordyceps fungus has, over the years, received credit for being able to enhance oxygen utilization and blood flow. We looked at a study that included eighteen (18) male subjects who were given Cordyceps supplements for two weeks during their altitude aerobics training. The study initiators had intended to examine how Cordyceps benefits the improvement of blood constituents and blood flow.

After the two weeks, the athletes displayed a markedly longer run time. The Cordyceps improved the red blood cell count and assisted them in using the available oxygen more efficiently by stimulating vessel dilation and causing the release of nitric oxide. These factors both relaxed the inner muscles of the blood vessels, causing them to widen and enhance blood circulation. The researchers concluded that their findings led them to assert that red blood cell content, hemoglobin content, and maximal oxygen uptake became significantly improved through Cordyceps intake.

Cordyceps Reduce Frequent Nighttime Urination

Cordyceps was discovered to have bioactive properties (can affect living tissue). This Cordyceps benefit is notably essential for the elderly population as they often contend with frequent nighttime urination; it may also result in incontinence. Males affected by benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) also experience frequent nocturia. Cordyceps component, Cordycepin, is seen as the prime component responsible for nocturia improvement. To achieve this benefit, the Cordyceps fungus acts on the kidneys and bladder to improve their function as complications from conditions affecting those organs are often the root cause of frequent nighttime urination.

A 2014 study analyzed Cordyceps for treating chronic kidney disease. The scientific review assessed evidence from studies that involved 1746 people with chronic kidney disease who received Cordyceps as part of their treatment. The evidence gained from the research determined that Cordyceps preparations may be beneficial in improving kidney function and addressing its complications. Whether frequent nocturia is caused by a lifestyle habit or an underlying health problem, it may affect one’s ability to get an adequate amount of sleep and negatively impact their quality of life. Getting treatment for this condition is highly recommended, and researchers have suggested that Cordyceps is an ideal place to start.

Cordyceps Reduce Side Effects From Chemotherapy & Helps With Recovery

Cancer is the umbrella name used for diseases in which some of the body’s cells begin to divide without stopping and spread into surrounding tissues. Chemotherapy is one of the primary treatment modalities used for all cancer types. Unfortunately, persons who undergo this treatment often experience severe side effects, such as bone marrow suppression, loss of appetite, leukopenia (low white blood cell count), vomiting, hair loss, and fatigue.

We have already discussed how Cordyceps fungus relieves fatigue and improves immune system function; however, it is also instrumental in alleviating many other adverse reactions. A study conducted on mice examined the therapeutic results of Cordyceps on the suppressive effects of chemotherapy on bone marrow function and leukopenia. It revealed that the fungus enhances recovery from leukopenia by directly protecting both the cells that mature into white blood cells and the bone marrow stem cell cells.

Cordyceps Improve Kidney & Lung Function

Our lungs and kidneys are vital for daily functioning. Without our lungs functioning properly, our cells would not receive oxygenated blood to stay alive and carry out their tasks. Kidneys are responsible for filtering waste from our blood and producing urine. If we develop kidney disease, it causes toxin build-up in our blood and even affects our urine production and output.

In a clinical trial, the Cordyceps fungus was seen to be efficient in protecting the kidneys. Additionally, researchers have seen Cordyceps’ medicinal benefits in the treatment of renal diseases, such as chronic nephritis, chronic pyelonephritis, and much more. This fungus extract significantly increased renal function using anti-apoptotic (prevents cell death) and anti-inflammatory activity in rats.

At the Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, some researchers carried out a review of several studies that included over 1000 patients with COPD. The results of the review indicate that Cordyceps significantly increased their lung function and exercise tolerance. Cordyceps relax and open the airways, and as such, is instrumental in the reduction of inflammation via their antioxidant properties. Cordyceps benefit persons affected with bronchitis, asthma, COPD, and other inflammatory respiratory conditions.

There are so many more scientifically proven Cordyceps benefits, as this superfood impacts basically all body systems. Clinical studies on cells and animals have shown that the Cordyceps fungus can potentially increase immunity, cell oxygenation, regulate blood sugar levels, protect kidneys, among other functions. Additionally, its centuries of use has also derived more than adequate proof of its medicinal capabilities. More studies on humans are being awaited to validate the efficacy seen in these lab studies. However, there is no denying the potency of this superfood. If you would like to give our Cordythai cordyceps extract a try or have further questions, feel free to visit our website; we are always happy to assist.

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